Friday, April 12, 2013

Headless Hen

On April 15th, 2013, Tony, Tyler, Steph and I ventured through Headless Hen.

Steph didn’t like it. I loved it. She though it was ugly. I thought Headless Hen was an engaging puzzle unlike anything we had ever solved.

We only brought 3 Potshots with us, so anchoring was a challenge. We stacked them and tested them, over and over before trusting Steph’s safety to them. We rebuilt one anchor 5 times before moving up to another pothole and rebuilding it 3 times. Yes, on the 8th try it was bomber.

Tony showed off his recently discovered talent of running around potholes. If Tyler is our rope gun, then Tony is our canyon ninja.

Tyler battled with the potholes, in denial that they were keepers. Surrendering no footholds, they kept him.

We all made our way over the top of a 20 foot silo. I consider it our first ‘real’ silo. Scary and fun. Coaching and spotting from Tyler and Tony was much appreciated. Their longer limbs and climbing skills are a huge advantage is some canyons.

Ram told me recently, “If you can’t be good, bring people who are.”

I’m grateful to canyoneer with people that are good.

Steph contemplating one of the first potholes. 
If you look closely you can see Chimney Rock in the distance (photographed by accident).

Steph walking around a deep pothole, on belay.

Tyler coaching Steph over a silo. Scary stuff, but we all made it.

One PotShot thrown across a keeper. 15 feet deep.

Me using handled ascenders to get out of the pothole.

Steph rapping from a 3 Potshot anchor. Tony and Tyler spotting below.

Can this pothole contain our mighty rope gun?

Yes it can.

Teamwork is the name of the game here. 
Steph at the top of a downclimb/capture.

Ninja Tony relaxing after running around a very large pothole.

Tony coaching ninja Tyler across.

Steph and a 3 Potshot anchor, in the back of a pothole. 
This anchor did not work...

So we moved it to the front of the pothole. 
This worked great!

Retrieving our anchor. Super easy and fun.

The end of a fun day. Hiking toward Chimney Rock.

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