Friday, August 30, 2013

Messin' Around

On August 30th, 2013, Steph, Tom, Micah and I headed for Foolin' Around Canyon in the North Wash...

... and missed.

A navigational snafu on my part led us into a slot between Foolin' Around and Horse Play. It's a pretty good one; good enough quality that we didn't question that we were in the correct canyon until the end.

The finale was a very nice 90 foot free-hanging drop... into some trees. With no signs of passage, it could be a first descent. Given its location, we realize how unlikely that is.

Either way, it was a very fun and memorable morning with some great new friends. I'm thankful that everyone completed the canyon without incident, that we found our way back to the car quickly (thanks to an outstanding climb by Tom), and that everyone had a great time. We realize how fortunate we were to do this 'exploration' without a major problem.

Does Micah have the skills to do this outward flaring chimney?...

He sure does.

Tom and Micah.


The final rap. An optional shorter rap on the RDC side (booooor-ing).

Steph making it look easy.

The following photos were taken by Micah Campbell.

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