Friday, April 24, 2015

Spencer Canyon

The weather was not cooperating. Our team was getting restless. We only had a few hours until sunset. So on April 24th, 2015, Tyler, Sadie, Tony, Makena (Tony's daughter), Steph and I packed our wetsuits and splashed through Spencer Canyon. This was Sadie's first canyoneering adventure.

The descent into the canyon was unimpressive. But soon the canyon took a hard right turn into a very narrow slot. Steph threw a rock in and ker-PLOOSH, yes, there was some deep water in there.

We donned our wetsuits and headed in. We had to stem over a pool that looked deep. I doubted that Makena could make it across since she is only 3'7". Amazingly, she did a hands-feet fully stretched out stem and bravely made it all of the way across! A veteran move! Very nice!

The next pool was chest deep for the adults, so Tyler heroically carried Makena across. But he hates cold water, so hilarity ensued.

This was a fine choice for a half-day adventure. Our car-to-car time was 5 hours, trying to move quickly with 2 brand new canyoneers.

Huh? Is that the slot?

It sure is!

Looking down into the slot. Unknown amounts of water are always exciting.

Sadie on rappel.

Makena on rappel.

Tyler, Makena and Tony.

One last pool, a swimmer for all.

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