Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Foolin' Around & Playin' Around

On May 27th, 2015, Jason and I went and checked out Foolin’ Around and Playin’ Around. We were short on time because I had to get back to Salt Lake, so we skipped the swimmer at the bottom of Foolin’ Around, and only did the lower portion of Playin’ Around. Both are excellent canyons and I look forward to completing both of them some other time.

We exited on the east side of the canyon, an easy, obvious, and recommended route. Our car-to-car time was 5 hours.

The stellar photos below are by Jason Pease. 

Playin' Around

Me in the bottom of Foolin' Around

Foolin' Around

Daddy longlegs lurking in all of the shadows of Playin' Around

Playin' Around

Things got tight going up Playin'. 
The fisheye lens makes the canyon look roomy, but it was only about 10-11 inches wide.

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