Sunday, June 12, 2016

Quandary Direct

On June 13, 2016, Tom, Cristina, Micah, Meg and I splashed our way through Quandary Direct.

Reading about this canyon frightened me when I first got into canyoneering. Keeper potholes? Gosh, they sounded intimidating. Skeleton soup? Gosh, I didn't want to be an ingredient. So I put it on my 'do not attempt' list.

A few years later, and a few potholes later, it still had never made it on my 'we'll do this on our next trip' list.  It had became a canyon that someone else had to arrange. Finally, things came together.

That day there was no intimidation. Quandary was a insanely fun splash park; a relaxed laugh fest led by the skilled and talented Tom Collins, who had been through Quandary a couple of times before. I was still smiling as I wrote this, it was such a great day.

Meg playing the flute at dawn. A great way to start a day of canyoneering. 

Tom doing an epic slide.

Downclimb into a cold swimmer.

Tom using The Force to help bag rope.

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