Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Boundary Canyon - Down then Up

On July 5th, 2016, Steph, Meg, Christian, Cole and I descended Boundary Canyon. But we didn't want to do the stinkin' hot MIA exit in the middle of July! So we fixed a few ropes then jugged back out.

Descending Boundary required almost no effort. Jugging out on the other hand, was pretty physical. Although we did spare each other some grunt work and took turns enjoying an elevator ride up on a 2:1 haul. FUN!

In the end, even if I had an anvil in my backpack, jugging out was WAAAAYYYY more fun than the MIA exit! The canyon was cool, the required teamwork was engaging, and the scenery was great the entire time.

The ropes we used were:

200 x 2
100 x 3
40 x 1
20 x 1

We spent the entire day in the canyon, mostly because it was 30 degrees cooler than back at camp, but also because we are slow at ascending. At the end of the afternoon we hiked back to the cars on the old logging trail, mostly in the shade. It was a tremendous workout, and a memorable day with some of the most fun people I know.


Taking a break at the halfway point.


  1. Not boring on the way back up! It's funny, Blake, I mentioned your opinion of the canyon when we got to the bottom. I said something like, if Blake said something negative about the exit, it must be REALLY bad. Your thoughts helped me make the decision to jug back out (and I'm sure glad we did).