Sunday, May 5, 2019

Wonderland Canyon

On May 5th, 2019, Steph, Tony, Byron, Brandy, Joel, Alvaro Bot, and I splashed our way through Wonderland Canyon.  Well... most of us did.  Tony used his superhuman stemming ability to stay dry.

Wonderland is badly underrated - I think it is destined to become one of the main attractions in Capitol Reef National Park.  So much water.  So many rappels.  A compact and engaging canyon that reminded me, in terms of fun units per hour, of Pine Creek Canyon in Zion.

We moved at a leisurely pace and the canyon was full of laughter.  It was another great day of canyoneering with friends new and old.

The exposed scree approach.

The stoic Mr. Lemay.

C+ for technique... A+ for ankle flexibility!

It was great to finally get out with Alvaro.

Tony pushing the walls of the canyon apart.


We met a man at the top of the approach that told us about an easy way to the top of the mesa.

The route is 3.0 miles, 1100 feet of elevation gain, and requires a car shuttle.  I am not sure about the parking situation (at a gun range?).  The route looks straightforward and is detailed below.

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