Friday, October 30, 2020

Middle Leprechaun Canyon

On October 30th, 2020, Steph, John, Drew, and I ventured through the North Wash classic Middle Leprechaun Canyon.  This was Drew's first real big-boy canyoneering experience, and he did great!

On this day, Drew was 6 years old and John was 9.  John also went through this canyon when he was 6, almost three years ago to the day.  It was interesting from a parent's perspective to compare how each boy handled this slot.  It was also interesting to see how contagious their reactions were.  When one boy got scared, the other was immediately freaked out as well.

Even though John was much stronger than his 6 year-old self, he seemed to have a lot more difficult due to his increased size.  He also carried a pack, which significantly added to his challenge.  He completed his first rappels on this day, which we were very proud of.  He was also a tough and helpful teammate, moving packs through tight spaces whenever it was required.

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