Sunday, April 1, 2012

Egypt 2

On Sunday April 1st, Steph, Tyler, Aralynn and I headed down Egypt 2. It was Aralynn’s first canyoneering adventure.

Of course, we opted for the 270 foot entry rappel. If you choose to do this canyon, I strongly suggest giving this rappel a try. The view on the way down is astonishing! We all wished we could immediately return to the top and do it a second time.

At the second rappel (40 ft) there were two anchors available:

The first was set back from the edge of the rappel to allow for a comfortable start. The likelihood of sticking the rope from that anchor was very high.

The second anchor was extended over the edge of the rappel, which required a tricky and somewhat exposed start. Obviously there was no chance of sticking the rope from that anchor.

We opted for the first anchor . *DOH* (LAMAR should have used the second anchor, lesson learned).

Sooo… we pulled 99% of the rope through, then the rope stuck. We yanked and whipped the rope for 20 minutes or so.

Tyler then volunteered to climb up and get the rope. (He is a climber first and a canyoneer second.) The crux move at the top required that he reach over the right side of the boulder and hold a “5.10 sloper” to pull himself to the top. It took all of 90 seconds for him to make the climb (he never weighted the rope in the photos below). It was a VERY impressive climb!

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