Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Burro Wash

Tyler and I took a hike through Burro Wash on Wednesday, May 16th, 2012.

We only took one vehicle, so we had to make loop hike out of it.  Wow, that was a bad decision...

We camped the night before between the bottom of Pleasant Creek and Burro Wash. We were met with great weather and some welcome cloud cover.

Hiking up Pleasant Creek was surprisingly nice. In the cool of the morning we flew through it. The scenery in there is really good; it contains soaring walls and a creek that carves through the sandstone much like the creek in Coyote Gulch.

At 11am we hiked from Pleasant Creek up to the mouth of Burro. Once we conquered the ascent to the mouth of the canyon, we were greeted with 1/2 mile of bushwhack with no relief from the sun. That section would be cake in the morning, but SUCKS during the middle of the day! Soon it was 1pm; we were acutely aware that we had just hiked 6 miles without seeing any slot action.

Soon we arrived at the good stuff. The slotty part of the canyon was very nice. There were many challenging downclimbs, a few short rappels, and a spectacular big rappel into an enormous 12 story silo. (The rappel is not that tall.)

The slot section just after the big rappel is excellent. Do yourself a favor and make a dayhike (from the bottom) out of that section.

We estimate that we covered at least 11 miles in 8.75 hours. We were moving pretty fast and took very few breaks. We do not recommend visiting Burro this way, for the love of God, take a shuttle!!

The conditions in Burro right now are really good, no bugs in the canyon, one very small pothole that contains some nasty water.  Most people should be able to stem over it and stay dry.


Pleasant Creek.

Pleasant Creek.

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