Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Moonshine Wash

On April 16th, 2014, Steph, John, our unborn son and I wrapped up our spring canyon trip with a descent of Moonshine Wash. Our new baby was due 9 days, John's 3rd birthday was 6 days away. Just enough time to squeeze in one more canyon.

We're not really "Everything's Awesome!" kind of people (reference to the recent Lego movie). Most canyons are good. Some are not.

But this one was REALLY good.

Not much of a story, except that there were a couple of committing downclimbs for my wife. Two twenty foot chimneys that would be difficult for her to reverse in her 'delicate' condition.

So, I scouted the entire canyon before she committed. This was a treat, because I got to see the canyon three times. All of the way down, all of the way up, then back down again.

The three beanie makeshift helmet. His beanie, Dad's beanie, and Mom's beanie.

Posing under the sheep bridge, high above.

We used the convenient Escape Route and completed our adventure in a very leisurely 4.5 hours (car-to-car).

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