Monday, March 16, 2015

Lost Park Canyon

On March 16th, 2015, Mark B, Sam, Micah, Aaron, Michael, Cole, Shawn, Andy and I ventured through Lost Park Canyon. Aaron, Michael and Cole drove all the way from Oklahoma to have some fun in the desert during spring break. We deemed them the 'Okie Crew'. They are all great guys. This was their first canyoneering experience.

Lost Park is a good canyon with a lengthy section of tight narrows. Clothes were shredded. Those without armor suffered. Fun was had by all.

Our car-to-car time was a blistering 5.5 hours, mostly due to expert navigation by Mark B. The slog-to-canyon ratio is not very good. I'd recommend doing this canyon once, but most of us probably won't return.

Special thanks to Mark B for his creative and efficient navigation on this convoluted route.

Micah stemming.

Cole doing what I am doing.

Sam Goodhue upclimbing.

Andy completed this downclimb unassisted. A stage dive would have been much easier.

Mark B retreats while saying, "Thou shalt not get hurt while avoiding water." Michael below.

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