Tuesday, February 16, 2016

West Shillelagh

On February 16th, 2016, Steph and I had a serious case of sore muscles. Hard Day Harvey beat us down the day before, so we opted for an easy day in West Shillelagh.

Steph finally got her hands on a pack that fits. Time for a test drive!

There are about a half dozen really fun downclimbs in this slot. A pleasant surprise.

The view from rap #1.

Rap #1. From here the canyon looks 500 feet deep. Pretty awesome.

Rap #2, 50 feet from a pothole.

What do I see down canyon?!? Is that... a pile of dead cows??

This is how we got across the first cow obstacle. 
We walked directly on its spine. 
God knows what would have happened if we had stepped elsewhere. 
The stench was so thick that we could have cut it with a knife!

This is how we got across the second cow obstacle. 
Don't step on its head, out of respect for the dead.

We laughed much and gagged a little on the way back to the car. 
Who knew that it was going to be such a memorable day in the North Wash?

I hope that you've enjoyed our cow-tastic tale.

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