Wednesday, February 17, 2016


On February 17th, 2016, Stephanie and I did a quick lap through Pottymouth Canyon.

The canyon starts out fun and easy then finishes with an intimidating choice. Should we climb down a very narrow chimney into freezing water of unknown depth, then hope to pass through a very narrow slot? Or; should we stem across the top some 30 feet from the canyon floor?

The slot looked to narrow for me. If I dropped into the water and could not proceed forward, then upclimbing that slot would be next to impossible. Offwidth. Probably slicked with mud. Could be a death trap if the water is deep... my imagination likely running away, I know. The choice was agonizing for Steph. She was not familiar with stemming at that height. Plus she fits through any passable slot. But that water had been snow in the very recent past and we had minimal cold protection.

So across the top we went!

We found a safe place to climb down then went around a corner... dammit! More freshly melted snow! Thigh deep too!

After Pottymouth we scouted part of Warm Springs, but not quite down to the lake. Without wetsuits a pothole too full and too cold blocked the way. But it was good to get familiar with the area. I feel a bout of Sinusitis coming on!

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