Friday, December 30, 2016

Boss Hog + Hog 2

On December 30th, 2016, Steph, Deanpaul and I ventured through Boss Hog and Hog 2.

Some days are about pushing the envelope and swimming in the pool of adventure. This day was about enjoying the unseasonably warm temperatures while trying to capture a handful of quality photographs under the unfavorable December sun. Deanpaul brought two cameras, I only brought one. I hope he got twice as many good shots as I did.

This was Steph’s first time to the Hog canyons. It was fun to watch her style the harder parts of Boss Hog.

After we completed our canyons, we opted to exit via Hog Springs. That was a fine way to finish a very fun day (good idea Deanpaul!).

The following photos are courtesy of Deanpaul Russell.


  1. Some nice shots there. No Tony, this year?

    1. Thanks Jenny!

      Tony drove down that afternoon. We crossed paths on our way out of Hog Springs, he was hiking up while we were hiking down (we planned this). We had grand plans for the coming days... stay tuned! :)