Saturday, December 31, 2016

Chambers + Little Bull

On December 31st, 2016, Steph, Tony, Tom, Russell, and I spent a day in Robber’s Roost. Chambers and Little Bull were our objectives for the day.

Tony and I had done Chambers before; it was 60 degrees hotter and I was 20lbs fatter on that day. I was excited to see how different the canyon would feel.

This was Steph’s first visit to Chambers. It was fun to see her fly through the obstacles. When we arrived at the crux upclimb she simply slid through. We played with the idea of returning to the top to see how fast we could do a second lap.

This was also Tom’s first visit. He moves fluidly through most canyons, and this was no exception. He tried to stay low through the crux. I was up above, watching him, nearly certain that he would get stuck. Alas, he did not fit, but was able to retreat.

I’m not completely sure if Russell knew what he was in for. He is bigger than me, but not really big, maybe 180-190lbs. He eventually got to a spot where he could not fit at ground level. He opted to go high, up and over a huge rotten flake, maybe 40 feet up. I did not see him do this because we were downcanyon a little ways. It sounded like a hell of a lot of work.

Overall it was a really good lap through Chambers, a true classic. Afterward, we quickly made our way over to Little Bull Canyon.

Little Bull is short but very good. My pictures suck because the inside of the canyon is pitch black. It is certainly worth your time if you are in the area. It was a fine way to finish a great day with friends new and old.

Falling from this perch would be bad. It is 50 feet to the floor below. If you look closely you can see Tom's helmet (on rappel). 

Tom rapping into darkness. I'm satisfied with the quality of this photo, considering the conditions.

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