Sunday, September 3, 2017

The Subway

On September 3nd, 2017, Nipun, Florian, Lacie, Erin, Derek, Tyler, Steph, and I did the standard Subway route.  We were the first group to arrive, so we had the entire technical section to ourselves.  It was such a treat!

This was my 7th time through, and Steph's 4th.  My first time through was back in 2005.  It is amazing how much this particular canyon changes from year-to-year, Keyhole falls especially.  Debris washes in, debris washes out.  I wonder if the log underneath the bowling ball is ever going to wash away?... I hope so.

It was an fantastic day with a great group of friends.  Our car-to-car time was 7 hours.

The excellent photos below are by Derek Chang.

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