Sunday, September 17, 2017

Trail Canyon

On September 17th, 2017, Steph and I battled through Trail Canyon.

We were impressed with the beauty and physicality of this slot.  We kept arriving at obstacles that seemed crux-ish, just to find the next section to be harder than the last.

Trail was stressful.  Trail was hard.  It was a relief to be done.

... but I can't wait to go back and do it again!

Steph going high up and over a very narrow hallway.  
Normally we would press through, but the water was of unknown depth, so we chose the high route which turned out to be very easy.

The next two photos are of the crux.  Steph's feet are about 10 feet from the ground.
Nobody can currently fit through this section at ground level.  
I've heard the sand level changes here, so it might be different when you visit.  
I opted to go up, about 15 feet higher, in order to get through this section.  
It was VERY physical and somewhat scary.

 Do this canyon when it is warmer than 75 degrees so that you can leave your wetsuit in the car. 
 The less stuff you bring, the more fun you will have.  
A tiny backpack is an absolute must.

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