Saturday, October 7, 2017

Holy Cow Canyon

Once in a while we will do a canyon that makes no sense; one that just does not fit the pattern of nearly every canyon we have done.  From every conceivable angle, both in person and on the internet, Holy Cow Canyon looks like a dud.  Tony and I walked right by this one a few years back.  We didn't even glance at it.

Despite outward apperances, my oh my, what a great canyon this one was!

Photos by Erik Bernhoft

There is a lot of meat on the bone in Holy Cow.  The pothole section takes some time.  We ghosted this canyon in 7h20m moving at an slightly above average pace.  In the morning we discussed adding Sad Cow, but at the end of the day we walked away from Holy Cow completely satisfied.

Special Thanks

Luke Galyan did a great job sniffing this one out.  This slot looks like garbage on Google Earth.  It looks mediocre on Bing Maps.  Despite the odds he went back not once, but twice, to get to the to the goods of this canyon.  What a payday!  The entire canyon is top-shelf.  Congratulations to Luke, Tracey and his team.  Thanks you guys for sharing this gem.

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