Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Black Hole of White Canyon

Steph, Tyler, Aralynn and I splashed through the Black Hole on September 16th, 2012.

That canyon was such a blast! It's pretty easy, kind of like The Subway only shorter. There is one big difference; the good part of The Black Hole is much longer than the good part of The Subway.

The hike went as expected until we arrived at the Black Hole proper. We swam through oohing and ahhing at the spectacular rock ceiling and beauty of the walls. Just at the height of our enjoyment, *squish*, we ran into an 8 inch thick mat of pine needles and logs. It was like being in the trash compacter in Star Wars. It was a stinky mess (Tyler even got the dry heaves), but it was kind of fun and challenging to forge through.

Tyler and Aralynn were the cleanest after the hike, so they hitchhiked to the top to retrieve our car. They were picked up by two Federal Agents that were armed to the teeth. They had to frisk Tyler and Aralynn before letting them in the vehicle. I guess they were pretty nice after the initial frisking. Thanks for giving them a ride guys!

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