Tuesday, April 12, 2016

West Canyon 2016 - The West Canyon Narrows

On April 12, 2016, Mark Burnham, Tony Long, Sam Goodhue, Jim Clery, Tom Collins, Steph and I took a lap through the extremely scenic West Canyon Narrows.

I was exhausted from our approach hike to West Canyon the day previous, so I slept in for a few hours. The rest of the group hiked the narrows in the morning, then I set out to meet them just after lunch. Soon I ran into the group during their return hike, and predictably they were all having a great time.

I enthusiastically asked, “Who wants to do another lap down the narrows?” Everyone looked eager to get back to camp, except for Tom, who joined me despite his tired legs. We had an excellent hike and I appreciated his company.

Overall, this was a great section of canyon. The water was cold and there was plenty of swimming down narrow corridors. Jumping from the high falls was a riot! The alcoves are awe-inspiring, overhung by 200-300 feet. It was a memorable day and a fine introduction to the West Canyon drainage.

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