Thursday, April 14, 2016

West Canyon 2016 - Cheetah Route

On April 14th, 2016, Mark Burnham, Tony Long, Sam Goodhue, Jim Clery, Tom Collins and Steph completed an exploration of what we call the Cheetah Route. I sat out this day due to a sore leg, so I’ll share Steph’s photos and let the folks that were there tell the story if they choose to do so.

Sir Burnham in beast mode, going high over a keeper.

Moving slow through Quicksand Alley.

Rough beta:

Drop-in point: 36 57 06 N 111 04 38 W
A minimum of four team members are required.
One Sandtrap is required (2 Sandtraps recommended); unusually difficult placements are required.
A Watertrap is absolutely mandatory.
Max rap length is about 50 feet.
At least 5 rappels are required.
Two Potshots are recommended for farming sand.
Two large keeper potholes must be conquered.
It is possible to trap your team in this canyon because anchoring material is scarce. Be wise about farming sand and spreading your team along the final sequence.


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