Saturday, October 12, 2019

Midget Rattler

On October 12th, 2019, Steph, Tony, Cara, Jackson, and I descended Midget Rattler Canyon.

After an intense week of doing canyons, we were looking for an easy day.  We were afraid that Midget Rattler was going to be a dud, but ended up being pleasantly surprised.  This might be the most underrated canyon I've ever done - even though it is short, is a real gem.

The hike up could not be easier and the scenery is phenomenal.  There are three required rappels which all pose challenges best suited for intermediates or better.  It is an excellent choice for a half-day canyon.

Our anchor for rappel #1 was a small log.
If you look closely, it is set on the right side of the boulder

Rappel #2
If you are very skinny, you can squeeze through this gap before gettin on rappel.
If you can't fit, then you have to stem up and over before getting on rappel.
A little dicey, but easy to protect if needed.

Constructing a dead man anchor.
We used a medium-sized rock as the foundation,
then buried it under heavy dried mud slabs.

Rappel #3 is no more than 130 feet.
Be aware that the bottom of this slot is a popular tourist destination,
so there might be people standing below when you throw your rope.

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